The weather is cooling down dramatically which means it is time to break out the crusty loaves of bread to dunk in hearty bowls of warm soup! Making dinnertime a healthful breeze is Dr. McDougall’s Right Foods®, who has recently introduced five new organic soups to its Vegan Ready to Serve Soup line!

The five delicious new flavors include Lentil Vegetable, Tortilla, Lower Sodium Black Bean, Lower Sodium Vegetable and Lower Sodium Tomato. “Mom’s” favorite? The Tortilla Soup! For extra nutrition, flavor, and crunch, try topping your bowl of Tortilla Soup with freshly sliced avocado and crumbled organic tortilla chips! Another gratifying choice is the Lower Sodium Tomato. Add freshly chopped basil to your bowl and dunk warm slices of whole wheat bread into the soup – simple, yet extremely satisfying!

All five flavors are high in both plant-based protein and fiber, are non-GMO and are Vegan and all-natural. In addition, the soup cartons are packaged in paper-based BPA-free packaging sourced exclusively from certified sustainably managed forests.

For cold evenings as we head into winter, Dr. McDougall’s Right Foods®’ Organic Ready-to-Serve Vegan Soups are a nutritious and simple dinner choice! You can find them at your local grocery store in the natural foods section, at many natural food stores, or online at

*Company generously provided samples and images for this piece.*