Little Monster Fun and Learn Book

Combining four Mercer Mayer favorites into one educational and exciting storybook for little ones – follow the beloved Little Monster as he makes his way through the book, learning his ABC’s, counting, getting ready for bedtime, and just meandering through his own neighborhood! Youngsters and their parents who remember these classic tales will enjoy reading and learning together. Mayer’s mesmerizing illustrations are a feast for the eyes, and Little Monster’s antics make everyone laugh out loud. “Mom” always enjoyed searching through the pages of her Mercer Mayer books as a child for the Zipperump-a-zoo that accompanies the lovable Little Monster on his adventures, and now she is asking her little one to do the same! To download a copy of the new Little Monster Fun and Learn Book, or to order a hard copy, visit little-monster-fun-and-learn.

smilegram paper

School is in full swing! Put a smile on your little one’ face with their own sweet set of smilegram paper! This new eco-friendly stationery line that is made from recycled materials is perfect for little ones who wish to draw or write handwritten notes, or perhaps practice their cursive! What makes smilegram paper unique is that it is lined to help your children as they make the transition from plain drawing paper to lined paper, and it is available in an array of cheerful designs! Choose from original graphics such as Funky Fun Flip Flops, Buzzing Bee, Hippy Chick or Fun Jumpin Froggies – there are a wide variety for your little one to pick to express his/herself!

smilegram paper offers personalized stationery, gift sets, writing tablets, and more – check out their oh-so cute collection at

Pedestal Pets

Check out this new educational toy line of animal pencil toppers that sit atop colorful corresponding pencils. Now, kids can take their favorite little toys with them to school! The cute collectibles come in packages of four, which includes 4 toppers, 4 pencils, and 4 trading cards with fun educational facts about each animal. Creating awareness about our planet’s creatures, Pedestal Pets are grouped in three collections: Neighborhood, Safari and Barnyard Friends. Children can also go online to ‘adopt’ and name their pets as well as print coloring pages.

*Companies generously provided samples and images for this piece.*