Top Tips to Keep Your Home Warm without High Energy Bills

It’s no secret that winter time is more costly for the bill payers of the household, with heating and gas fires needed to keep warm and baths generally taken instead of showers; it can be an extremely costly time. Combine that with the expenses of Christmas and you can find yourself on the borderline of financial crisis. Many people struggle in the winter months and find themselves deep into their overdraft by New Year. However, you can reduce your energy bills by ensuring optimum home efficiency and less waste.

Consider investing in insulation for your home. Different methods of insulation are available for installation to ensure the heat that is generated for the home doesn’t escape as easily. Cavity wall insulation and loft insulation are 2 of the most popular types of insulation. They both trap heat and don’t allow it to escape through the most likely exit routes in the home – the loft and walls. The best part of it is, there are government grants in place which make these 2 methods of insulation more realistic for homeowners who don’t have large investment funding at their disposal.

General repairs and maintenance of the home can help to reduce waste. Some people don’t have double glazing or may have a back door which has gaps, allowing the heat from the home to escape easily. Although double glazing and new doors can be expensive, home improvement loans can help to aid the costs and can be a worthwhile investment for the future. As a temporary solution, you could always use draft excluders until the window and door fitters arrive!

Plumbing can be incredibly expensive to repair so performing regular maintenance checks can help to identify and prevent problems from arising. One extremely costly problem can be freezing pipes – this is obviously more of a threat in the winter than the summer due to sub-zero temperatures taking hold. Perform checks around the house to certify that your pipes are all insulated appropriately – pay particular attention to pipes that run adjacent to outside walls and those located in lofts, garages and basements.

Be sensible when heating the home in the winter. Many people leave all their radiators turned on regardless of whether the room is occupied or vacant. This is an incredible waste of energy and can bump up your energy bills drastically. If you can wrap up as an alternative to turning your thermostat up you’re guaranteed to notice savings on your energy bills. Try to keep on the move in your home too, sitting down for too long can make you feel cold and reduce the circulation to your feet, aim to have a walk around the house every hour to keep the blood flowing and heat moving round your body.

About the Author

Written by Stephanie Staszko on behalf of The Finance Facility, you can follow her on Twitter @StephStaz for more green posts.

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