Toys to Teach Sustainability

With sustainability and preservation being on the lips of many parents, teaching our children is the first step. It isn’t easy gaining the interest of our little ones when it comes to serious issues, but that isn’t the case anymore. With toy companies gearing towards recycling, preservation, and education, it is easier than ever to teach our children about going green while they enjoy their playtime. Here are a few toys that teach kids about the environment while sparking their creativity:

Uberstix Scavenger Recycling Series: Pirate Ship and UFO
This set is unlike the normal DIY sets of the past. Once your child opens the box they find a set of instructions and a list of recyclable items they need to find in order to build the ship or UFO. After a fun scavenger hunt the set shows how to use these recyclables to build the ship and gets a fully functioning pirate ship or UFO to play with. This toy teaches how to use recyclable items for other uses while sparking creativity and ingenuity.

Eco-Friendly Wooden Eco House
The doll house of yesteryear got a green make over. This eco-friendly doll house is made of recycled wood and materials and comes complete with full rooms and a family. It also includes environmentally conscious themes such as recycling, rain water collecting, wind turbine, and solar panels. It aims to teach your little one about recycling and alternative energy sources that will sustain earth’s natural resources. This is a fun and educational set to help your child learn to go green.

3 in 1 Solar Power Transforming Robot Kit
This kit is perfect for your robot loving youngster. In this kit your child learns about solar power by putting together this transforming robot. Running completely on solar power the robot transforms into a tank and a scorpion, but not until it is put together. The kit comes in pieces with instructions for your child to put it together. It is an educational and fully functioning model kit for your little one to learn about the power of the sun.

Wind Power 2.0
This kit is suggested for children age 10-15. This 133 piece kit explains how wind power can create a stored power source and lets your child build their own rechargeable wind power system. It comes with a manual to show how to build the turbine, attach it to the charging dock, and even includes 8 designs for building battery powered models. It includes one AA rechargeable battery for the docking stations.

After building the models the AA battery powers them for hours of fun. If they complete the 8 models the creativity kicks in. They can experiment with the pieces to create models of their own design and power them. This kit is a great way to get your little builder into sustainable design and technology. It teaches green power, design, and electricity all while having fun.

Whether your goal is to teach greener energy, recycling, or spark creativity, these toys can inspire children of all ages. Eco friendly toys are becoming more available and the lesson of earth friendly living is priceless. This year take the earth in consideration and give your children hours of entertainment and creative learning.

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