What Direction to Take Your Holiday Decorating

Nothing makes it feel like the holidays like decorating. Deciding how to decorate, however, can be a little more of a challenge. You could pick up whatever appeals to you and distribute it through the house and yard. However, taking the time to choose a direction for your decorating can help you create a stunning display.


When it comes to Halloween, there are basically two choices. You can go scary or cute. Combining the two doesn’t always work, although it can. You don’t have to turn the entire property into a frightfest, of course. You can choose to put all the scary outside and let the inside be cute and happy, especially if you have younger children. Remember the option of home-made decorations when preparing the home and yard for All Saint’s Eve.


That transition holiday between Halloween and Christmas, Thanksgiving is often forgotten. This holiday typically is either friendly and happy or elegant and refined. A friendly holiday design would put smiling turkeys and colorful feathers or pilgrims to good use. Let the kids get involved for a fun decorating year by doing home-made decorations. However, if elegance is what you’re after then it’s time to lay out the fine linens and tasteful centerpieces. Visit the local pumpkin patch to buy a collection of small pumpkins or squash and then nestle them amid colorful fall leaves mixed with bright beads and fall flowers.


Many people go all out for Christmas. Lights hit the eaves of the house and the tree is fully decked inside. With so many decorations to choose from for this holiday, it can be hard to decide what direction to go in. Here are some of the options and how you can pull it off in your home.

• Religious – Focus on the reason for the season, so to speak. Include scenes of the Holy Family around your home. Display ornaments with a religious feel and include references to the birth of Christ in your decorating plans. The kids can get involved by making happy birthday signs. Display an advent wreath on your table, lighting a new candle every week as part of the Christmas countdown.

• Santa Claus – Yes, you can mix Santa in with Christ. After all, the jolly old elf is otherwise known as Saint Nick. You can also choose to focus on Santa, decking the table with Santa tableware, placing Santa on the rooftop and including him on the tree. Mix in the elves, reindeer, gifts and sleigh for a well-rounded theme that can be carried throughout the home and yard.

• Pure Elegance – Imagine a Christmas tree decked in gold ornaments and highlighted with flowing red ribbons. Such a tree can be yours when you choose an elegant theme. The key to pulling off elegant decorating is to remember that less is more and everything really should match.

• Home-Made – This might be one of the most enjoyable options, especially when you have children. Make Christmas cookies using a recipe of flour, water and white glue. They won’t be edible, but if you poke a small hole in the top before baking you will have an ornament that can be painted and proudly displayed. Let the little ones make popcorn garland for the tree and teach them how to make snowflake streamers for the walls. Add plenty of Christmas lights around the home to show off your creations and get ready for a season full of fun and activity.

There is no limit to how you can decorate your home for the holidays. What matters most is that you choose something you enjoy and will love viewing throughout any of the fall holidays. Whether you choose a religious theme or a scary, home-made one doesn’t matter. The important thing is that you enjoy the decorating and enjoy the holiday.

Photo credits courtesy of Flickr creative commons: Paper lanterns by macinate; Ever growing Christmas ornament collection by woodleywonderworks.

About the Author

Author Annie Sullivan enjoys the holidays and loves to coordinate the decorating of her office building by visiting Santa’s Quarters for beautiful artificial trees and unique commercial Christmas decorations.