7 Green Gifts for this Christmas

No one likes being lectured and it can be tough getting friends and family to go ‘green’ without barraging them with your list of reasons. This holiday season offers the perfect opportunity to lead by example: simply give ‘green’ gifts to your friends and loved ones! Chances are you’ll gain a convert or two for the movement. Here are some great green gift ideas for the upcoming holidays.

For Men

Big Green Apparel has a great selection of organic tees and loungewear for men. The organic crew neck tee, can be work alone or under a hoodie or flannel for a layered look. Available in a variety of colors, you’ll find one for any man on your list.

For Women

Purple Prairie Botanicals, offers a wide selection of personal care items for the face and body. Aromasprays, body butters and bath salts are a hit with women no matter the time of year and make exceptionally good holiday gifts. With lovely scents like cooling mint and frankincense & myrrh, you’ll have no problem finding the perfect gift for your mom, aunt or dear friend.

For Children

Earthsake has the cutest array of poseable wooden animal toys that you’ve ever seen. Made from organic maple wood, the eco-friendly animals are both fun and creative. Choose from a cow, crocodile, horse, lion or any other number of species. You’ll please any animal loving child on your list and can rest assured that you are giving them a safe, eco-friendly toy.

For Teens

Check out the cool décor items from Green Rainbow Shop for the teens on your list. Vintage metal signs, cool throw pillows and beautiful candles can be had for great prices. The gifts are suitable for boys and girls and all products are made in the USA.

For Pets

The Green Petshop, is the perfect place to find a gift for all of your four-legged friends. From items like Katpak to bamboo pet food bowls, impress your friends and family with these great pet gifts. Every product for sale on the website follows the site’s rule of ‘safe for people, pets, planet!.’ What could be better?

For Neighbors

Have a great neighbor on your holiday gift-giving list? Good Gifts Naturally, has a wide selection of gift baskets that make perfect neighborly gifts. Organic gourmet gift baskets, organic spa gift baskets and special occasions (organic) baskets feature products like organic fruit, eco-friendly soaps and theme gifts. From gardening gadgets to holiday coffees, the gifts are sure to be a hit.

For Co-Workers

How many pots of coffee do you and your co-workers go through on a daily basis? If you think about it, the amount can be staggering. Consider purchasing one of the fabulous coffee gifts from Grounds for Change, for your favorite co-worker or the whole office. Purchasing organic, fair trade coffee not only allows you to give a great gift, but also supports the families and villages in underdeveloped nations. The site also donates 1% of its gross profits to social and environmental organizations.

Turning your friends and family into eco-friendly, environmentally conscious people can be tough, especially if they don’t know about all of the great green products out there. By giving them any one, or more, of these gifts for the holiday season, not only will they be introduced to organically made, sustainable gifts but your gift just may open the door for friendly conversation. By choosing to shop from these sites, you will be giving a great gift and supporting the environment at the same time. For green people, it’s a win-win!

About the Author

Author Tom Blanchard tries to be less wasteful about all things, and along with that is saving money that could be better used elsewhere. To that end, using discounts when possible, such as Coupon Croc of the UK, allows him to use money saved to donate to green projects whenever he can.