If you are a fan of FuzziBunz® modern cloth diapers, then you are going to LOVE their new & improved Trickle Free Trainers™! Finally – a cost-effective, planet-friendly and just over-the-top adorable training pant! Potty training is never easy, and in between messes and choosing whether to dress your little one in big kid underwear (and deal with the accidents) or a pull-up (which will end up in a landfill somewhere), this is the truly the best of both worlds.

Trickle Free Trainers™ are available in 4 kid-friendly designs, including Super Kid in Training, Beeee-uty in Training, NO Dumping, and Princess in Training, in sizes S, M, & L. What “Mom” loves is that each Trickle Free Trainer™ comes with 2 snap placements, to make sure the fit is right for your child, and will grow with him or her. Additional features of the Trickle Free Trainers™ include:

• Fun child focused digitally printed (no fading or peeling) designs are engaging to toddlers

• Design looks less like a diaper and more like big kid underwear

• Minky fabric on inside allows for wetness to be felt yet cleans up easy in messy situations

• Perfect next-step purchase for loyal FuzziBunz® parents

• Available in a variety prints and white

• Easy dual side snaps makes changing accidents a breeze

For any parent undertaking potty training, the Trickle Free Trainer™ are hands-down a smart, smart buy! Run, don’t walk, to the FuzziBunz® site to buy a couple for your little guy or gal in training!

FuzziBunz® also offers some great tips as you start the potty training process, in their free online potty training guide. Click here to view the PDF.

To locate a retailer near you that carries FuzziBunz® products, or to order online, visit www.fuzzibunz.com.

*Company generously provided samples and images for this piece.*