Host a Greener and More Meaningful Thanksgiving

It is no myth that the holiday season, especially Thanksgiving, is a time of family and togetherness, but most eco-conscious attempts seem to get lost in the shuffle.

Mother and green innovator, Kelly Vlahakis-Hanks, Vice President of Earth Friendly Products and Dr. Nadereh Afsharmanesh, the green company’s Director of Sustainability, collaborated to form a list of simple ways moms across the country can host a greener, meaningful Thanksgiving.

Travel Smarter!

· Absolutely carpool – Yes, you are going to see your family a lot over the holidays, but carpooling really makes a difference, and what’s another 30 minutes!

· Get your Car Inspected! – Did you know that if your tires aren’t completely inflated or your oil isn’t changed, your car will use more fuel?

Veg Out!

· Try a tofu turkey or a ToFurkey! For many, it sounds like degradation to the tradition, but it’s an excellent meat substitute that takes on the flavors of the ingredients it’s cooked in! Plus, it’s jam packed with protein and has no tryptophan!

· Try to buy locally grown food that is organic. Not only does it better taste, but it’s eco-friendly, boosts your local economy and is free of harmful pesticides.

DIY Decor

· It’s no secret that the simplest decorations can be the most beautiful. Make it fun and engage your children by making it a DIY project. Try something like filling large hurricane glasses with dry leaves to decorate your table.

Show Your Thanks!

· Be grateful for all that nature provides and make a significant donation back.

· Plant a baby tree and make it a tradition each year! That tree, one day, will provide enough oxygen for a family of four.

· Invite your neighbors, friends and family and host a big, thankful celebration. The more people in one place, the merrier, plus you lower so many emissions by using one home!


· Use your dishwasher! I bet you didn’t know that using your dishwasher uses much less energy and water than hand washing and most importantly, use eco-friendly detergent that is safe and 100% free of toxins.

· Don’t wrap leftovers in foil or plastic wrap, but in reusable, safe containers.

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