Are you looking for planet-friendly baby shower favors? There are a number of exciting and original options!

Planet-friendly favors can be just as exciting and original as the traditional ones. They are usually made of ecological materials and they involve no plastic or other substances that will require too much time to decompose.

Eco-friendly favors will help you make a statement and will turn the celebration into an extra-special one. Here are several intriguing ideas that will turn the baby shower you are organizing into a very green event.

Potted Plants
A potted plant is certainly a perfect favor. Apart from being ecologically friendly, it carries some very important symbolism that will be just right for a baby shower. The plant grows from a little seed and it transforms into something beautiful and living.

Choose clay rather than plastic pots. A label will give the guests a chance to remember this beautiful occasion. Include the date on which the baby shower was held, the name of the mom-to-be, and the name of the little baby girl or baby boy.

It will be a good idea to also include some instructions. How often should the plant be watered? Does it demand shadow or direct sunlight? Does it need to get fertilized? What kind of wintertime care does it require?

Instead of a potted plant, you can provide the guests with some seeds. Four-leafed clover seeds will be a great baby shower favor option.

Soaps and Cosmetic Products
Ladies love to get pampered and you can provide them with an eco-friendly, organic option. Handmade soaps that are 100 percent natural will turn into wonderful baby shower favors. You can also order such soaps to be created in a customized shape.

Natural candles made of beeswax will impress your guests. Whichever option you choose, make sure that it is organic, natural and green.

Reusable Mint Tins
A mint tin can contain a special message and it will come with great design. In addition, the mint tin is reusable, thus eco-friendly.

The mint tin should be filled with favorite candies. In the future, guests can use it to store other mints or small objects – it all depends on personal needs. The fact that the tin is made of metal makes it more long-lived than plastic containers. You can also recycle the tins when you are done.

Plantable Seed Packets
Seed packets are a popular favor for eco-friendly minded people. These seed packets often come designed in shapes that match your baby shower theme, like bottles and carriages. The packets can be planted and watered and they grow into flowers.

A Fresh Fruit Basket!
Fresh fruits are healthy, low in calories and full of useful vitamins and nutrients. A basket of organic fruits is certainly a great baby shower favor idea. You can purchase a large quantity of organic fruits and assemble the tiny baskets for the guests on your own.

Improvise and have several pieces of fruit positioned in each basket. Apart from the label, you may include some nutritional information that will be useful for your guests.

Eco-friendly baby shower favors are a great way to surprise the guests and to think green. These options can be inexpensive and very attractive. Use your time to find the perfect favor or to assemble one yourself. Making your own baby shower favors is both eco-friendly and a great way to ensure the uniqueness of the favors.

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