Green Christmas Tree Options

Feeling Guilty About Your Live Christmas Tree? Don’t! A live Christmas Tree is actually a great option. Even better would be a locally grown, organic Christmas tree. People often wonder if the plastic tree that can be reused year after year is better than the fresh cut fresh Christmas tree. The answer is, for now, stay away for the plastic Christmas trees! Most plastic Christmas trees are imported from China and the PVC they are made form can not be recycled and frequently contains lead which we know is detrimental to a child’s brain development. In addition, the manufacture of PVC releases dioxins, a cancer hazard, into the ecosystem.

Live Christmas trees on the other hand are a renewable resource with Christmas tree farms generally planting more than they harvest each year. The live Christmas trees preserve green space while they are being grown as well as producing oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide. Christmas trees should be recycled after Christmas through curbside programs or other creative ways from chipping and mulching your flower beds.

Of course, you could always go the creative route and avoid a traditional Christmas Tree altogether. I remember one year when I was growing up, my mother found a dead limb from a weeping willow on one of our walks and said she thought it was so pretty. We decided to bring it home and use it as our Christmas tree that year. True it had no leaves, but its branches were beautiful when strung with lights and decorated with sycamore balls and pine cones. Another year we just used a potted palm house plant we had. But if you love the wonderful fresh pine scent, go ahead and get a live tree this year, guilt free!

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