Encourage healthy digestion and a nutritious alternative to all of the sugary treats and eats this holiday season with ProBugs™, Lifeway Food’s kid friendly version of their organic Kefir! In an individual serving size pack, ProBugs is a fantastic way for kids to enjoy a nutritious smoothie-type drink on-the-go!

Available in four kid-pleasing flavors, including Goo-Berry Pie, Orange Creamy Crawler, Strawnana Split & Sublime Slime Lime, ProBugs is rich in “friendly bugs” and “probiotics” that help to increase the level of good bacteria in children’s digestive systems and promote overall healthy digestion. Sold in 4-packs, these are great for tucking into a lunch box for school, or placing within reach inside the refrigerator as a go-to mid-afternoon snack, your little ones will love this good-for-you drink!

Interested in learning more about the benefits of probiotics? Visit the Health & Wellness section on the Lifeway website!

To locate a retailer near you that sells ProBugs™, visit Lifeway.net.

*Company generously provided samples and images for this piece.*