12 Ways to Recycle your Old Furniture

Recycling has become the norm for many. From plastic bottles to clothing, the items that can be recycled are endless. Furniture is also on the list of things that can be recycled. Don’t consider your old furniture useless and send it to the trash. The information below is 12 ways that you can recycle old furniture.

Find a new purpose for it. Find a new way to use old pieces. Use a bedside table as a small desk for your laptop. Use your imagination and find a new purpose for each and every piece of furniture that you desire to get rid of.
Repaint it. If an old table looks worn out or scratched up, don’t get rid of it. Simply repaint it. Repainting is an easy way to create a new and interesting surface on many pieces of furniture. Give it an antique look by painting it antique white or go modern with a sleek, black touch.
Donate it to someone in need. Many charities will gladly take old furniture off of your hands. If you have a women’s shelter in your area, call them and ask them if they are willing to come and get it. Chances are that the furniture will be picked up within a couple of hours.
Consider what it is made of. If you have furniture that is made of plastic, it can certainly be recycled. Similarly, furniture that is made of steel can also be recycled. Determine what it is made of and make sure that it reaches the proper recycling center.
Make some cash off of it. There are many people who will be willing to purchase old furniture from you. Use websites such as Facebook to let your friends know that you have something for sale. Making even a little bit of cash off of the furniture will be better than making no cash at all. It will actually save you money because you won’t have to pay a bill for having the trash discarded.
Put it in your front yard for someone to take. Consider placing the furniture on the curb as first come, first serve. Some people spend the day driving around looking for giveaways. Place it on the curb and it is likely to be gone in very little time.
Keep it in the family. Can someone in your family use it? Choose to give it to a son, daughter, niece, or nephew that is just starting out. They will gladly take the furniture off your hands and it is likely to be heavily used.
Create an outside space with it. Consider moving old chairs outdoors to create an outdoor living space. If the space is covered and it will be protected from the weather, the furniture will be fine.
Break it down and reuse the pieces. If the piece is made from wood, break it down and reuse the pieces for projects around the house. Wood can be expensive and this will save you money in the long run. Spend the time breaking the furniture down.
Reupholster large pieces and make them new. If you have a solid piece of furniture, consider reupholstering it instead of getting rid of it. This will cost you far less than buying a new one and give your furniture a new, clean look.
Store it away for future use. If you have an extra room in your house, store the furniture away for future use. You never know when you might need it.
Choose to continue using it. Lastly, choose to recycle your furniture by continuing to use it. If it is still in good shape, there is no need to buy a new one, right? Save money and the environment by using what you already have.

Listed above are 12 ways that you can recycle old furniture. Don’t just throw it out and assume that no one can use it. Whether you choose to find a new purpose for it or to donate it to a charity, someone will be able to make good use out of what is consider your “trash.” Choose to recycle even the big things!

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