An Interview with Jes MaHarry, Founder of Jes MaHarry Jewelry

Jes MaHarry, the founder of Jes MaHarry Jewelry, took the time to stop by Tiny Green Mom to answer a few questions from “Mom” about her planet-friendly jewelry business, and what “Mom” learned was this spirited, talented woman has HEART! It shines through her work and all of her beautifully sculpted pieces!

Tell us About Your Eco-Inspired Company!

Everything I create is an extension of my heart. Born with a deep sensitivity and inherent compassion for all living things I believe it is absolutely vital to align my personal and professional life with socially responsible sourcing and ethical production. My hand-sculpted charms radiate compassion, insight, and have a rare depth of emotion. My jewelry communicates sentiments and stories personal to the wearer and my love of nature manifests not only in the designs, but entirely within my ethical, earth-friendly business.

How do You Choose to go Green in Your Own Life?

I eat organically, we never put chemicals on our land/ranch, and we use eco-friendly products only!

Guilty Green Pleasure?

Mary’s Secret Garden 3-layer Vegan Cocoa Cake.

Can You Offer any Encouraging Words for Those with a Small Sustainable Business?

Follow your heart, always be tuned in to your intuition, and at all times work from love.