A mostly raw food dessert! Soak organic Almonds in purified Water overnight to bring out the full nutritional value in this desert. Rinse well and grind in blender. For organic Raisin Sauce, soak organic Raisins overnight in just enough Water to cover them by about 1/2 inch. The next day, blend until it becomes a Sauce. For organic Coconut, grind 4 oz. dried organic Coconut finely in a clean coffee grinder or other food processor. A blender may work as well. Set aside 2 ounces for coating.



1 cup organic Unsweetened Coconut, dry, shredded kind
2 Tbsps. organic Carob Powder –either raw or roasted
2 tsps. organic Roasted Chicory root, finely ground (optional – gives more of a chocolatey flavor) -use blender or coffee grinder if necessary
1/8 tsp. Himalayan or Celtic Sea Salt
½ cup soaked, chopped organic Almonds (soak 16 hours, rinse every 8 hours)
1 tablespoon hand-pressed virgin Coconut Oil, melted
¼ cup organic Raisin Sauce (see recipe in paragraph above or p. 38)
1 tablespoon organic Unsalted Almond Butter
¼ tsp. organic Almond Extract or Flavor (Celiacs may not tolerate extract)
I tsp. organic Vanilla Extract or Flavor (Celiacs may not tolerate extract)
¼ tsp. Sweet Leaf Stevia (or more to taste)


1. Even though Coconut is shredded, grind finely in dedicated coffee grinder (not used for coffee).

2. Blend all dry ingredients except ¼ cup ground Coconut together in small bowl. Add remaining ingredients and blend well.

3. Roll into balls, sizing as you wish (we used golf-ball size at the restaurant) then roll in last 2 oz. of finely ground organic Coconut. It looks and feels almost like powdered sugar, but it is much better for you!

Serves 3 – 5 people


1. For a more classic brownie taste, instead of Coconut, use toasted organic Walnuts, same amounts, and no almond Unsalted Butter.

2. For an Orange-Chocolate flavor, add 1 tsp. Orange Extract and/or 1 Tbsp. organic Orange Zest.

3. If you can eat all Nuts and Seeds, you can make this with the Coconut, organic toasted Nuts and Seeds and Almond Unsalted Butter, but no Carob powder. Simply use recipe above, but replace Carob and Chicory with more ground Nuts of your choice.

4. For extra sensitive diets: This recipe is very versatile for special diets, even without fruit, because Carob powder is naturally sweet. You can eliminate the Raisin Sauce (see recipe below Carrot Cake or p. 38) and simply use Stevia, carob powder and seeds/nuts of choice with Vanilla Extract/flavor and a little Water or melted Coconut Oil. Most any diet can handle that.

*Recipe and image courtesy of Debbie Johnson, Author of Fun with GF/LG Food Cookbook, also former owner/Exec Chef of The Golden Chalice Restaurant and Gallery, GF/LG, Allergy and Diabetic-Friendly. http://glutenfreefun.com