Green Business Ideas for the Eco-Entrepreneur

Even while struggling through the roughest economic seas, islands of entrepreneurial opportunity are always waiting to be discovered by the innovative businessperson. In the early 1990’s the realm of online startups and technology firms created a financial boom, and as 2012 begins the attention has shifted to eco-friendly business models. In order to take advantage of American’s collective shift towards a more environmentally conscious “green” lifestyle, venture capitalists and other financiers are actively funding eco-entrepreneurs and helping them launch their green business ideas. If you believe in the sustainability movement and wish to contribute your own invention, improvement, advancement, product or message to the cause, consider a few of the following great business ideas for the eco-entrepreneur.

Alternative fuels and power sources designed to alleviate the need fossil-fuel derived electricity are quickly becoming a lucrative market for shrewd businesspeople. A combination of societal shifts in attitude towards wind and solar power, generous government subsidies and tax cuts designed to spur development of this industry and advances in technology have created a thriving alternative power marketplace. Many of the major brands within the solar and wind power industries offer entrepreneurs participation in affiliate programs which enable individuals to build their own eco-friendly franchises. By affiliating yourself with a well-known solar or wind power generator in your area, you can easily begin working as a salesperson tasked with shifting local companies to alternative Positions such as these are great ways to learn the tricks of the trade and equip yourself with essential knowledge of the equipment, methodology and business practices of the solar and wind power industry. Eventually, if you have the ambition and the creativity, it may your own company which is offering an affiliate program to hungry young entrepreneurs in the near future.

The field of green landscaping and home design is constantly growing and offers the perfect platform to begin your own eco-friendly business. If you are interested in devising ever more efficient utility delivery, lawn care systems, heating and cooling methods and other environmentally sustainable elements of home design, there are countless openings through which to carve out a niche. Every trade involved in building construction and upkeep, from house painting to store signage to window installation, has been broadened by the advent of green design philosophy. By positioning yourself as an eco-consultant, you can advise each of these disparate contractors through your company’s unique role, assuring that the homeowner’s green concerns are adequately addressed.

The most important part of becoming an eco-entrepreneur is always remembering that green, and not greed, is the true priority. If your commitment to eco-friendly ideals is not legitimate the marketplace will soon catch on and reject your concept, so be sure that you truly believe in the green movement before trying to profit from it. Many great contributions to your local community can be made by channeling your entrepreneurial spirit into a green business, and if you are genuine in your interest than profitability will soon become a positive byproduct of activism.