If you are starting to introduce purees and foods into your baby’s diet, look no further than Baby Gourmet, which are nutritious and healthy organic offerings created by two moms who know what kids (and parents!) want for their wee ones! Designed for ages 6-12 months, these creative, organic pouches are simply fabulous – great for feeding your little one with no mess at anytime, anywhere!

What have the owners, Jen and Jill, come up with for your little ones? The purees, combos, and texture recipes include:

6mo – Simple Purees

Harvest Pear, Pumpkin, and Banana
Juicy Pear and Garden Greens
Orchard Apple, Carrot Prune

7mo – Yummy Combos

Baby’s Sweet Potato Pie
Roasted Squash and Fruit Medley
Apple, Sweet Potato Berry Swirl

8mo+ – Tasty Textures

Old Fashioned Apple Crisp
Vanilla Banana Berry Risotto
Tropical Banana Bliss

The favorites in “Mom’s” home include the Tropical Banana Bliss, Vanilla Banana Berry Risotto, and the Harvest Pear, Pumpkin and Banana flavors. Though the ages they recommend are 6 – 12 months, toddlers enjoy these tasty pouches, as well, which are especially handy while traveling or on-the-go!

All Baby Gourmet products are organic, and contain no salt, sugar, fillers, preservatives, or nuts. Plus, the products are dairy-free, except in the Old Fashioned Apple Crisp. Packaged in a specially designed pouch allows for less cooking time, locking in nutrient values and flavors, the Baby Gourmet pouches are sold nationwide in the USA and Canada.

To learn more about Baby Gourmet, to locate a retailer near you, or to order, visit BabyGourme.com.

*Company genreously provided samples and images for this piece.*