Creating eco-fabulous learning tools and gorgeous coloring books in one, Putumayo Kids has outdone themselves! Featuring a large colorable map of each cuture, along with 20 oversized coloring pages, and a glossary of animals and instruments, the Putumayo Kids’ Coloring Books are extremely high-quality and printed with eco-friendly soy ink. It is fun to sit with your little ones while they color and learn all about each fascinating culture through play. In addition to the Africa Coloring Book, the collection offers a Latin America Coloring Book and Europe Coloring Book, as well as sticker collections that can be purchased to go along with the coloring books. “Mom” hopes that they continue to add cultures to the collection, as the books are simply wonderful – larger-than-life illustrations really grab the attention of your child as he/she travels and explores the pages of each culture through their music, animals and people. For rainy days or to reinforce concepts learned in the classroom, the collection will definitely be a hit!

Putumayo has sourced sustainably-derived resources in the manufacture of products. Our printer is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified and the company has taken a “100% replanted” approach, providing funds to Trees, Water, People to support global reforestation efforts.

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*Company generously provided samples and images for this piece.*