Seven Holidays to Help Get You Fitter Than a Fiddle in 2012

The health warnings come in thick and fast, especially at the turn of the year, and they all say the same thing; our lifestyles are way too sedentary. If flicking the remote takes major motivation, and a climb up the stairs feels like tackling Everest then you know it’s time to make some changes. Being unfit sucks, big time, but when most of your waking hours are spent in work and tearing your hair out in desperation during the daily commute, there’s just no room in the schedule for some body beautiful me time. Yes, you can try and slip into a gym, but workouts can be pretty monotonous and gym memberships can seem expensive, especially post-Christmas.

So if you’re tired of looking at your jelly belly and are keener than mustard to lose those love handles, what can you do? How about getting away from it all on a holiday that’s going to invigorate and exercise mind, body and soul.

A holiday is the perfect time to keep fit. Why? Because you have loads of it, so there’s no excuse to blame inactivity on a packed schedule. It’s not about getting ripped and sculpting the kind of body that will grace the cover of a magazine (unless you want to); more it’s about priming your body to feel rejuvenated and full of energy.

Here are seven great ideas of ways to get fit and have fun on your holiday so you are bootylicious once more:

1. Cruise the world – turn up the adventure dial to eleven and set sail on voyages of discovery. Not only do sailing holidays allow you to take in some breathtaking scenery but you’ll be enhancing your fitness levels as well. The primary benefits are your cardiovascular health, and a good old muscle work-out, as they are flexed and toned to perfection. Remember, the more wind the greater the workout.

2. Have a holiday on the piste – skiing and snowboarding are not only spine-tingling adrenalin-pumping fun, but they are tailor-made to giving your body a fitness upgrade. In addition to the healthy looking sun-kissed glow, time on the slopes, no matter your skill level will give you a great cardiovascular workout and exercise all your major muscle groups.

3. Walk, don’t run – walking is quite simply one of the best exercise disciplines there is, and doesn’t require any extra equipment than your own humble legs. It strengthens and builds bones, burns fat and calories, strengthens the heart, boosts immunity, and helps us to sleep soundly. And if you are carrying a rucksack with you you’ll be building your upper body strength as well. Walking holidays will not only enhance your general levels of fitness, but they feed your mind with wonderful experiences from all the fascinating places your two feet take you to.

4. Spinning your wheels – almost everybody can ride a bicycle and getting on yours is a wonderful opportunity to explore new areas. Whether mountain biking, off-roading or taking long leisurely day tours, a bike can benefit you in so many ways. It helps to build and maintain muscles and joints, promotes weight loss and is good for the health of the heart and lungs. And that’s just for starters!

5. Perfect your swing – a golfing holiday can be enjoyed by all ages, and is an easy way of keeping fit. Although it is a lower level fitness pursuit there are still a number of key health benefits. It’s good for bone strength, and will speed up your metabolism.

6. Riding the waves – if lying face down in the sand isn’t your thing, get active in the sun and have a blast with a challenging pursuit. Wax down your surfboard and get some big air. The health benefits include increased strength and coordination and improved cardiovascular fitness

7. Saddle Up and reap the benefits – a few days in the saddle will reveal muscles you never knew you had. It’s not just the horse that gets a good workout! Whether you try dressage, endurance riding or a little saunter on your equestrian holiday, your body will benefit by having its dorsal and abdominal muscles strengthened, and coordination is also greatly improved.

About the Author

Paul is an avid traveller with a passion for sharing his global experiences online.