5 Unique Gifts For Your Green Valentine

Valentine’s Day is coming up and it’s the perfect opportunity to show your loved one how fabulous you are when it comes to gift giving. Whether you’re green or your significant other is, there are a variety of eco-friendly gifts to choose from this holiday. From jewelry to coffee, here are some great ideas for the eco-warrior in your life:

1. Family Heirlooms

Your family heirlooms can be a great treasure trove of available gift options. If you’ve got a pair of old cuff links, a pocket watch or a ring, find a way to redesign them and turn them into a fabulous Valentine’s Day gift. Re-purposed jewelry is both personal and sentimental and sure to be loved by your recipient.

2. Paper

You can press your own paper, it’s quite easy, or you can buy eco-friendly papers and make a beautiful card or the ever-popular coupon book. Include coupons for massages, a “day off” or a favorite home-cooked meal. Let your significant other trade in their coupons whenever they like. Just make sure you don’t include a coupon for something you won’t have time to do!

If your significant other likes to write or even sketch, put together a couple dozen sheets of organic paper in a tablet. Put your papers together, punch two holes and secure them with hemp cord. Homemade tablets make lovely gifts for anyone who enjoys drawing, painting or journaling.

3. Organic Tees

Who doesn’t love a T-shirt? Long-sleeved tees are great for layering and short sleeve tees are a summer staple. Dozens of online retailers sell organic, eco-friendly tees that are both sustainable and labor-friendly. By purchasing an eco-friendly T-shirt, you’re giving your partner a comfortable shirt and ensuring that the people producing them are being treated fairly. Depending on who you buy from, you may also be contributing to worthy causes in a round-about manner.

4. E-Reader

Before you scoff at this idea, thinking that it’s not eco-friendly at all, if you’ve got an avid reader in your life, think of the hundreds of trees that have been chopped down so your loved one can read the latest paperback every week. By purchasing an E-reader, like Nook or Kindle, you will eliminate the necessity of your significant other to contribute to the deforestation of the planet. What could be more eco-friendly?

Keep in mind that the latest generations of E-readers aren’t just for books! Magazine subscriptions and newspapers can be downloaded as well.

5. Coffee at Home

Almost everyone loves coffee and fair-trade coffee makes a thoughtful gift. Available in a wide variety of flavors, from breakfast blends to high-test roast, buy a selection of organic, fair-trade certified coffees and put together a beautiful gift basket. Throw in a reusable travel mug and you’ve just ensured that your spouse can continue their coffee habit while ensuring that the people who pick the beans and work in the factories are treated humanely.

Valentine’s Day is a personal holiday; choose a gift that will show your loved one that you are thinking of them. With all of the eco-friendly options for gifts this season, you won’t have to sacrifice your green ideals to give the perfect gift.

About the Author

Author Tanya Peterson resides in NYC and is a content contributor for watchrepairny.com, a Manhattan provider of fine watch repair services since 1978. Tanya’s grandfather was in the antique watch business and it’s been a fascination with her since childhood.

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