A new children’s apparel company has launched on the market in the past year, ready to delight and inspire your little ones at playtime! The founder, Sonal Gerten, infuses her line with the joy and wonder of childhood, as seen in the bold, bright colors of the line, as well as the name, Tumblewalla, which loosely translated means “one who tumbles” in Hindi.

This is an adorable new line that is socially responsible, as well, giving back to two separate organizations!

A dollar from each item purchased from Tumblewalla goes to the company’s Tumble & Tickle Movement, to raise funds and awareness for two nonprofits doing work critical to the development of children in India and Kenya: The Priyanka Foundation, a Minnesota nonprofit that operates Child Life and Development service programs for chronically ill children worldwide; and One Home Many Hopes, which finds, rescues, houses, loves and educates orphaned and abandoned girls in Mtwapa, Kenya and equips them to be the future agents of change in their community.

An Interview with Sonal Gerten, Founder of Tumblewalla

Tell us About Your Eco-Inspired Company!

Tumblewalla celebrates the intrinsic playful spirit of kids around the world. Our clothing line is un-restricted so it is easy to move, play, and just have fun. The line features Indian-inspired free flowing cuts and vibrant colors. We believe that unstructured play is critical for emotional and social development. Many children from around the world do not have the access or resources to play as they should. That’s why Tumblewalla is committed to partnering with emerging organizations across the globe that do just this – make it possible for kids everywhere to celebrate their youth.

How do You Choose to go Green in Your Own Life?

Our kid toys and clothes don’t get thrown away – they always find a home. We also live in a great walking/biking neighborhood so I prefer to get around without the car when we can.

Guilty Green Pleasure?

In the summertime, I love buying fresh produce, pastries and other goodies at the farmers market. We also grow our own vegetables and herbs – mainly tomatoes and parsley – the easy stuff.

Can You Offer Any Encouraging Words for Those with a Small Sustainable Business?

Friends and family are a valuable support network! I had my ups and downs (I still do) and it’s so wonderful to have a group of people cheering you on and helping you along the way.