Bathroom Remodeling for a Greener Lifestyle

When it comes to bathroom remodeling, you’re in for a pretty large project. Why not make this project pay off? A bath remodel is one of the best investments you can make not only for the resale of your home but for the money you’ll save when you make your bathroom overhaul a green project.

There are many new energy efficient products for the bathroom. It’s about time, because the bathroom is probably the room where you use the most toxic chemicals and waste thousands and thousands of gallons of water. If you’re still living with a 90’s bathroom, you’re most likely wasting money and resources and it’s time to go green.

Here are FOUR important factors to consider when remodeling a bathroom:

1. Recycled Materials – To cut the cost of your project try using recycled materials when possible. This not only will save you money, but also reduces the amount of emissions. Countertops, floors, shower and baths can all be installed with tiles made from recycled materials.

2. Lighting – To help keep energy usage down, invest in florescent lighting. To enhance performance, you can pair your florescent lighting with an electronic ballast. The best way to lower your energy consumption with lighting is simply to add a window or skylight if possible.

3. Venting – Venting your bathroom after a shower is very important. A quality venting system will save you not only money, but your health too. When starting a bathroom remodeling project, look into a quality venting system to help reduce the moisture that creates mold. Don’t forget to add a timer to make sure the fan shuts off after 20 minutes. Leaving a fan on for too long is wasteful.

4. Be Water Wise – The bathroom is the number one, most wasteful place when it comes to water, however, it is possible to lower water consumption in the bathroom by more than 30 percent. If you have a toilet that was installed before 1995, you could be flushing anywhere from three to seven gallons per flush! In 1995, regulations came out that new toilets must waste less water. Toilets are now available with low-flow flushing systems and even variable flushing systems depending on if you go number one or number two. Thanks to advances in toilet technology, the average new toilet uses 1.5 gallons per flush, but you can get it down to as low as one gallon. Another place to be water wise is your shower head. The newer, low-flow shower heads use much less water and still emit enough pressure for a comfortable shower.

So there you go. Four eco-friendly factors to consider when remodeling your bathroom. Going green doesn’t end with the remodel. Maintain a healthy, green lifestyle. Most of the cleaning products you use are toxic. Often, lemon juice mixed with diluted vinegar can rid your mineral stains away by letting them soak for about 20 minutes and then just wiping clean. Also try not to use a wasteful, disposable, paper towel. Instead, use a washable rag made of organic cotton, not conventional cotton which is harvested with pesticides. Go green to stay healthy and wealthy.

If you are like so many Americans, lacking the skills or time to go green in a bathroom remodel, consider contacting a professional. If you are in the Maryland, or Washington D.C area, consider using Budget Bath for quality bathroom remodeling.