Designing a Nursery that’s a Green Haven

If creating a nursery that’s eco-friendly is on the forefront of your mind, a peaceful and green environment can be created for your little one. Instead of going with a traditional pink or blue room, go with a green room. Not only will it be eco-conscious, but it will be a place of solace for both you and your sweet baby. Doing a little bit of research may take time, but after designing a green haven for your sweet babe it will all be worthwhile.

Look for Products Made out of Sustainable Wood

Start your hunt by searching for furniture that’s made out of sustainable wood. This wood needs to be certified by the Forest Stewardship Council in order to be genuinely green. This also means that the trees that were used for your furniture were replaced after they were cut down and that chemical pesticides are also at a minimum. Doing your research will definitely pay off because you’ll have eco-friendly furniture that looks nice and that also cuts back on materials that are otherwise harmful to your child.

Find a Mattress that’s Made out of Organic Materials

Even though it may be expensive, try finding a mattress that’s made out of organic materials such as organic cotton and wool. These types of mattresses tend to be more expensive, but think of it as being worthwhile since your little one will be sleeping on this crib for several years until they’re out of their toddler stage. Raising a baby green will help them be healthy and you’re also helping save the environment at the same time.

Use Wallpaper Sparingly

Even though wallpaper is sweet looking near a baby’s crib, did you know that most wallpaper contain polyvinyl chloride (PVC)? This is a toxic chemical that releases PVC during the manufacturing process which is harmful to the environment. Try not to use wallpaper because of these chemicals. Instead you can find stickers that work just as well and create fun and playful wall art for your child.

As you can see there are small ways that you can implement green into your baby’s nursery and it doesn’t have to be small, you can create an entire nursery that’s green. Help save the environment and create a trendy and eco-chic nursery that both you and your little one will adore.

About the Author

Sierra is a freelance writer and she loves fashion and interior design. In the future she’d love to create an eco-friendly bedroom and would like to include water features to create a serene environment.

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