The Benefits of an Eco-Friendly Home

When you find yourself ready to purchase your first property you may have a lot of competing thoughts to contend with, from size and space allocation to desirable neighborhoods to income (and more). There are a lot of facets to the process. But if you’re not at least thinking about the prospect of an eco-friendly home, you are behind the times. There are so many advantages for you, your community, and the world at large that the notion at least bears some thought. And here are just a few benefits that may help you make up your mind about going green.

1. Clean environment. The first and most obvious benefit of a green home is to the environment. The use of environmentally sound materials and amenities geared at conservation will help to reduce all types of pollution and waste, which makes for a sustainable property that won’t put you at odds with the environment around you.
2. Better health. With respiratory issues like asthma and allergies on the rise (not to mention the occurrence of many forms of cancer), we’re getting a sneak peak at what decades of industrial pollution hath wrought. And it’s only going to get worse if we don’t take steps to reverse the process. While some people may be okay with ingesting harmful toxins through air, water, and soil, those of us that value our health will likely be more inclined to look for a solution – and that starts with the choices we make every day.
3. Support local business. If you’re sick of corporations coming in and taking over, driving small, local businesses out, then opting for eco-friendly properties is a good way to speak through your consumer spending. And not only will you support your community in this way; you also stand to save some money.
4. Less upkeep. You might think that there’s a lot more maintenance involved with eco-friendly upgrades to your home (do solar panels need frequent servicing?), but the truth is that just like any other part of your property, items may sometimes need maintenance or repairs (either regular or infrequent), and some of it you can learn to do on your own.
5. Lower bills. Even readily available items like CFLs and energy-star appliances can show a significant savings on your utility bills over time, but there are so many other options to consider, like programmable thermostats, tankless water heaters, low-flow toilets, and of course, alternative energy sources. Even insulation can help you or your tenant to lower monthly utility expenses.
6. Resale value. Not everyone is looking for green homes, but those who want them are willing to pay more. So if you’re still on the fence about purchasing a green property or rental property, consider that you may see a bigger return down the road if and when you choose to sell.

About the Author

Sarah Danielson is a contributing writer for Accommodation Unlimited, offering lettings and property management services.