Valentine’s in Action

In our culture, Valentine’s Day is all about LOVE. Who do we care about? How can we let these people know we value them? We are used to buying and receiving candy and flowers as love tokens. There is nothing wrong with that, but is there something else we can do that might break a consumer trend and help change us into doing something loving?

Let’s take a short look at this concept. If you are living with or close to your loved one, then opportunities abound for discovering a loving action. Here is an example: Pam has horses in her backyard and daily horse chores. On Valentine’s Day, her husband got up early, fed the horses and mucked out all the stalls leaving little heart notes in his path –on the notice board in the barn aisle way, he left a short short poem about how he loved her. For his wife, this gift of loving action was better than calorie laden chocolate.

How do you figure out what your loved one might appreciate? This is a great opportunity to take a few moments to focus on your person. Look at his/her daily life and see what she (we’ll use that pronoun for now) routinely does. Most of us have chores we do willingly, and those that we dread. It’s the dreadful ones that need recognizing. Pick one or two of those, and plan to do those for her – make dinner? Wash dishes? Do the laundry? Clean out the cat’s litter box? Each person has their own set of “Must do’s”. It is insightful to observe where your person has her “hate list”. Tapping into that, leaving a little trail of love notes, may open up a new avenue for expression. I know we are supposed to be buying more to stimulate the economy, yet these heart actions can take the pressure off our financial worries as well as encouraging us to take a fresh look at our cherished loved ones.

If you can’t do something yourself, you might consider a gift certificate for a house cleaner, washing and detailing her car, a pedicure – whatever is a special experience for your person that might be out of the normal routine of daily life.

Taking a few minutes to really “see” your dear one in a new light may help you appreciate all they do for you as well. The idea of love in action (not that candy and flowers aren’t doing something) but adding the dimension of appreciation and caring for the small daily activities that comprise our lives – can make even just one day that much easier for someone we care about.

About the Author

Paula Pugh, author of Celebrating Beginnings and Endings, thrives on helping people mark milestones in their lives, as well as re-defining holidays and other annual events.

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