When your little one starts to crawl, bumps, falls and scrapes are inevitable! Besides wrapping your child’s knees in bubble wrap, what can a parent do? How about placing a pair of adorable knee pads, designed just for those learning to crawl and manuever through life, on their knees? These extremely soft, cushioned knee pads give parents the security they need as their little one sets out to explore the world around them with ease and in comfort!

Designed to protect a child from the time they learn to crawl, walk and then run through the big wide world,
Crawlings kneepads are perfect for indoor use and the rough and tumble great outdoors. Made of premium
cotton, EVA foam and spandex, the kneepad is soft, stretchable and breathable, designed to move and grow
with the child.

Crawlings knee pads are just too, too cute – arriving in an adorable star covered box, perfect for gift giving! Available in a variety of trendy, fun designs, including Lavender Elephant, Pale Pink Bunny (“Mom’s” favorite!), Yellow Bandage and Navy Basketball.

For more information, or to order, visit Crawlings.com.

*Company generously provided samples and images for this piece.*