Five Colleges That Have Gone Green

The green revolution is in full swing, and plenty of universities are taking steps to make their campuses more eco-friendly. From waste management to energy efficiency, these colleges are some of the greenest in the country:

1.Warren Wilson College

Located in Swannanoa, North Carolina, Warren Wilson college practically sustains itself. Lumber and wood come from its own gardens and managed forests. The campus vehicles are powered by biodiesel, solar and hybrid energy, and the streetlamps are solar powered. Students are encouraged to recycle, and a “free store” offers used items to new owners on campus to prevent useable items from being thrown out. Warren Wilson is a leader in designing green-friendly buildings as well.

2. Evergreen State College

Located in Olympia, Washington, Evergreen State College includes 800 acres of forest and beaches augmented by a 13-acre organic farm and native plants and gardens. As an alternative methods university, Evergreen State buys only clean power and is purchasing purely electric vehicles. Students are encouraged to take part in the organic farming initiatives on campus so that they can have hands-on experience with sustainable techniques.

3. Oberlin College

Located in Oberlin, Ohio, Oberlin college has been at the forefront of green design since 2005. The university continuously monitors water and energy usage in the dorms through a web program, leading to substantial reductions in use since that time. Oberlin college also has the largest solar array in the state and its Lewis Center for Environmental Studies features geothermic heating and construction from recycled materials.

4. Harvard University

Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Harvard is a well-known name in education. It’s also a progressive leader in green design practices. School trucks work on biodiesel converted from the school’s own cafeterias, and buildings across campus have experienced a 73 percent reduction in waste. Harvard is a purchaser of renewable energy and the university uses only recycled paper printed on both sides for all communications.

5. Middlebury College

Located in Middlebury, Vermont, Middlebury College is the home of renowned environmental activist Bill McKibben. Middlebury College hosts energy-saving competitions in its dorms, challenging students to reduce their carbon footprints. The college also boasts green building habits, and any building that is torn down is dismantled into recyclable parts.

Colleges are often on the leading edge of social and technological advancements. With so many schools embracing eco-friendly design principles and choosing to be green, more businesses in the area may begin to follow suit. Students also get a first-hand glimpse at a green lifestyle, which can help them foster their own eco-friendly habits all through their lives.

About the Author

Author Adam Miller has an avid interest in leading an eco-friendly life and is earning his online masters degree for public relations while working part time.