Who knew that sparkling water could be as refreshing as it is environmentally-friendly!? Ferrarelle is known as Italy’s No.1 naturally sparkling mineral water, but were you aware that it may just be the most planet-friendly water you have had the pleasure of sipping?

This effervescent delight tastes wonderful on its’ own, but “Mom” prefers a fresh slice of orange, lemon or lime to top the glass of this sparkling water! Crisp, clean and all-natural, Ferrarelle makes a lovely calorie-free choice when choosing a sparkling beverage that still looks festive in lieu of champagne or another alcoholic libation.

Why choose Ferrarelle?

Ferrarelle is a sustainable company which protects the natural resources from where it springs. The Sorgenti di Riardo Natural Park, close to Naples, to be exact. A pristine, uncontaminated area of volcanic origin, Ferrarelle is carefully preserving and creating a 150 hectare protected oasis and has planted 5,500 olive and oak trees, chemical and pesticide free. It is the ultimate mark of respect for a water that makes a 10 year journey through rocks that enriches the water with precious minerals such as calcium, potassium and bicarbonate silica and a unique, natural sparkle.

With cutting edge modern technology, the company launched a glass and plastic packaging line that allows significant reduction in PETs (Polyethylene terephthalate), at the same time saving energy and money. Ferrarelle has also started a recycling program for wood, paper and aluminum that reduces waste more than 90%.

To learn more about Ferrarelle, or to locate a store near you, visit www.ferrarelleusa.com.

*Company generously provided samples and images for this piece.*