Here’s a clever (and adorable!) way to get your little ones to wash their bodies and their hair during bathtime! Just install the new BPA-free Soapster Foaming Soap Dispenser from Skip Hop in a convenient location on the tub wall within reach of tiny hands, add your favorite organic body wash & shampoo, and let them take charge. With each pump of the penguin’s belly, a perfect amount of soap appears, making it easy to lather up! Not sure when the soap is getting low? Skip Hop has thought of that too – the penguin’s belly has a window that shows Mom and Dad just how much soap is left before refills are needed.

We love how this fosters independence and has your child learning how to wash their own body and hair with ease with no accidental dumping of the entire shampoo bottle into the bath! For parents of babies, this also makes a convenient bathtime aid until your child is able to wash his or her own body, as it allows one-handed use while holding the baby. The dispenser can be installed by either a screw plate attachment or suction cups.

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*Company generously provided samples and images for this piece.*