Which 2012 Cars Will Save You the Most Gas?

With the price of gas on a steady (and shocking) incline, there has been a lot of discussion on how to save money on gasoline and about which cars are proving to be the most fuel efficient. Let’s tackle the first concern and then move to the second.

If you’re someone who can’t afford to purchase a new automobile, there are ways that you can spend less on gas, even with the car that you currently have. You can drive slower (the faster you go, the more gas that you use). You can turn off your air conditioner. You can roll up your windows (the wind current that blows into the car tends to make it fight harder to move forward). You can make sure to fill up your gas tank and not let it go below half empty. You can keep your car filters clean and your oil changed. You can carpool and take public transportation whenever possible. All of these are proven and effective ways to save on gas. But if you are shopping for a new vehicle and you’re wondering which 2012 models will give you more gas for your buck, here is a list of some that will do the trick.

Toyota Prius. Not only is it really cute and compact, it’s actually one of the cars that provides the most gas mileage with an impressive 51 miles in the city and 48 on the highway. Marketed as the most fuel efficient car on the market, it comfortably sits five and comes with the asking price of around $24,000.

Lexus CT. The “mother” of the Toyota in the sense of being the more high-end model at the Toyota company, the Lexus CT is a car that doesn’t make you feel guilty for having a luxury vehicle. It’s sharp, practical and upscale all rolled into one. The base price is around $29,000 and it gets about 42 miles to the gallon.

Honda Insight. For many years, Honda has had reputation of “If you keep the oil changed, it will last forever.” If you look at the resale values of Honda models even from the late 80s and early 90s, you will see that is indeed oftentimes the case. As with the Toyota, Hondas are foreign cards that are truly built to last. So, in purchasing a Honda Insight with the gas mileage of, on average, 42 per gallon and the base price in the $18,000s, you’re not just picking a car that’s a “gas trend”, but a reliable vehicle for years to come.

Buick Regal. If sitting in the lap of luxury is your thing, then a Buick may be as well. The price is somewhere around $30,000 and get 29 miles per gallon of gas. Some other perks to it is that the Regal comes with eAssistant Technology; included in that deal is a lithium-ion battery pack, regenerative breaking and an additional feature that allows you to easily go from gas to electric.

Ford Fiesta SFE. If you’re looking for a sedan that’s under $15,000, then this car will already cause you to fall in love! Then when you add to it the fact that it gives you 29 city and 40 highway miles and if you add to it the high praise that has received for its performance (it rides quietly and smoothly with 120 horsepower), while it’s not the largest of vehicles, it’s definitely one of the biggest deals you can get. Indeed, who needs an Enterprise car hire when you have bought such an excellent automobile? One that rides well and doesn’t keep you at the gas station on a daily basis!