Celebrate National Garden Month with this light, elegant cocktail that highlights some goodies from the garden, such as fresh mint and cucumber! Square One Cucumber begins with original organic vodka, which is made from 100% organic American rye and pristine water originating in the Teton Mountains. Then the vodka is infused with the essence of organic cucumbers. The result is a spirit with the bright genuine taste of fresh cucumber.

Cucumber Spajito


2 oz. Square One Cucumber
4 – 5 mint leaves
1 oz. fresh lime juice
1 oz. agave nectar or simple syrup
club soda or sparkling water
cucumber wheels as garnish


Fill a Collins glass with ice layered with cucumber wheels and 2 mint leaves. Muddle remaining mint lightly in a mixing glass. Add remaining ingredients (except soda) and ice to mixing glass and shake briefly. Strain over prepared ice in Collins glass and top with soda.

*Recipe and image courtesy of Square One Organic Spirits.*