Study Finds That Electric Car Owners Save $1200 Average Per Year

If you’re an electric car owner that’s found yourself in a debate with people who own more conventional vehicles that you’re not actually getting more bang for your buck, then this is a good day for you. There’s some recently released evidence to further prove your point that electric cars are definitely better for the environment and definitely a way to cut down on fuel costs.

The Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) has completed what is being called one of the most thorough and comprehensive studies as it relates to the benefits of owning an electric automobile. The bottom line result is that an electric car, for basically every (relevant) reason possible, is by far the better buy. If you’re looking to provide some specifics, though, here are three of them.

Gas vs. Electricity

It’s pretty obvious that an electric vehicle does not burn any gas fuel and so therefore, it does not give off any tailpipe emissions. However, being that it does use electricity, there are some emissions that it does emit. However, according to the UCS, although it does somewhat vary per region, overall, electric vehicles that use an electric power grid to charge still produce noticeably less global-warming emissions than most compact cars that use gasoline.

What About the Cost?

For what an electric vehicle does for the environment alone, a lot of us should already either be relieved that we own one or desirous of having one at some point. But, if there needs to be another selling point, it should be that the UCS has also confirmed that electric vehicles save people more money. And not just a couple of dollars, either. After comparing the costs of 50 major cities across the United States, it was determined that an electric vehicle can save, on average, between $700-1200 a year as it directly relates to fueling costs. This is in comparison to a gas-fueled automobile that gives 27 miles to the gallon at the price of gas being $3.50. Another reported plus is that electric car owners can save money on their fueling costs without making any major adjustments to their current electricity plan. As a matter of fact, in many cases, they are able to utilize the “time-of-use” discount plans that are related to electricity use during the nighttime hours.

More Reasons to Consider an Electric Car

So, when it comes to an electric car, let’s review: It’s better for the environment and it saves you money. Yet, when it comes to owning an electric car, there are still other reasons why it continues to be the gift that keeps on giving. A lot of times, when people think about the fluids in a conventional vehicle, all that comes to mind is gas. However, being that an electric car has less rotating parts, this also means that it does not require anti-freeze or transmission fluid, either; this means there is less overall maintenance that is needed. Another benefit is that they tend to run more quietly too. So, whether it’s a Chevrolet Volt or even a BMW UK, when it comes to getting a great deal all the way around, there’s really no excuse to not consider having your next automobile purchase be an electric car, so be sure to tell all of your gas guzzler driving friends. It’s not just your opinion. Now, you have the Union of Concerned Scientists to back you up.