Great Gift Ideas for Eco-Friendly Couples

There’s no denying that it can be difficult to find gifts for the couple that insists on using only products that are kind to the environment. You can only give them so many sets of bamboo cutlery, recycled-plastic lawn chairs, and refurbished garage-sale photo frames before you start to run out of ideas. So here are a few that will have them jumping for joy and flipping their eco-lids.

1. Plants. You may want to skip the cut flowers and opt for a potted plant, but rather than go with the standard fern or fichus, choose something like a Jade plant, which is not only good luck, but also drought-resistant. Of course, you could also give your green friends an organic vegetable or herb plant (who can’t use a few more organic tomatoes or some fresh basil right off the vine? – you could give them everything they need for a great, organic pasta sauce!).

2. Matching bicycles. This is a great green gift that will get your friends from here to there with nary a carbon emission. But you can do even more for the environment by opting for recycled bikes, which is to say those that have been rescued from the trash heap, saved from a fate in the landfill, and refurbished to enjoy a second life. If you’re really lucky, you might even find a sweet seat with a bicycle built for two.

3. Personalized travel coffee mugs. If your friends can’t live without their half-caff organic blend from the local coffee house each morning, give them an eco-friendly way to cart it to work. Skip the plastics and metals and opt instead for patterned porcelain in a pretty print. You may even be able to get them customized with your friends’ married names for a one-of-a-kind green gift (check the selection on Etsy to support independent artists).

4. Renewable energy credits. Your friends may be prone to bemoaning their inability to afford solar panels or other forms of alternative energy. But that doesn’t mean they can’t still support the market for harnessing solar, wind, water, and geothermal energy. By purchasing renewable energy credits (or certificates) from the power company, you are ensuring that sustainable sources of energy continue to be utilized and pushed out to the general public as a replacement for the average power source (fossil fuels, nuclear, etc.). And when you purchase them in the names of your friends, they can feel good about providing others with the green energy that they can’t yet afford in their own home.

5. Eco-tourist retreat. For the couple that has it all you can’t go wrong with an activity gift. And this one will ensure that the only reason they ever need to visit a lawyer (at Morgan Law Firm or some other reputable institution) is to plan their estate far down the road. Sending your Earth-loving friends for an eco-retreat that puts them squarely in a beautiful, natural setting where they can reconnect (free of the guilt that might result from visiting other resorts). And who knows; by shipping them off to the Canadian wilderness, the Australian outback, or the wetlands of Brazil, you could just start an annual tradition that helps your friends stay together forever. Think of it as couple’s therapy for the green set.