How Organic Skin Care Can Keep Your Wrinkles Away

No matter how old you are, just about every woman is concerned with wrinkles: if you are young you want to prevent them; if you are middle aged you want to stop their progression; and if you are mature you want to diminish them. But with all of the marketing hype and latest fads, it can be hard to determine fact from fiction and figure out what really works. And did you ever stop to consider what kinds of chemicals and toxins are in the products you are buying and applying to your face? It’s not a trivial point. The health care industry is very loosely regulated and if you turn your anti-wrinkle products over and read the labels you may be surprised to find toxic ingredients like formaldehyde in there.

So how can you combat wrinkles and stay safe? Turn to nature! Natural substances are some of the most powerful chemicals available. That’s because nature is so complex and it has taken millions of years for her to create all of the lovely plants that we have today. These plants have had to be strong and resourceful to survive (after all they can’t run away!) and they do this mainly through various chemical substances in the plant. But the great news is that we can use these substances to our advantage while using 100% organic ingredients.

Sun Damage Causes Wrinkles

One of the major causes of wrinkles is UV radiation from sun damage. While many people try to be vigilant about applying sunscreen, there are two problems. The first problem is that new studies are finding that the chemicals used in traditional sunscreen are actually carcinogenic and can cause cancer. What is the point of protecting yourself against skin cancer if it’s just going to cause another type of cancer in the body? The second is that we may not always remember to apply sunscreen before we go out. If you are going to the beach it will be top of mind, but if you’re just running out to the market on a regular day, it’s pretty easy to forget. So how can you make sure that you’re protecting yourself against sun damage all the time without putting harmful chemicals on your skin? Plants are the answer. If you think about it, plants require the sun to live, but they are also susceptible to UV radiation and damage. In fact they are out in the sun all day every day. So how do plants protect themselves? They have chemicals which provide natural sunscreen built right in. When you use organic oils like olive oil, grape seed oil, coconut oil or sesame oil on your face and body you get this added benefit of having the plant’s UV protection. And as long as you remember to apply the oil on a regular basis (after you shower, wash your face, go to bed, etc.), then you will always benefit from this protection, whether you have made a conscious decision to “apply sunscreen” or not.

Oxidation Causes Wrinkles Too

And plants do much more than just provide natural sun screen, they also help with another major culprit in causing wrinkles: oxidative stress. Oxidation occurs when free radicals look to attach to more stable molecules. By stealing a molecule for themselves, they effectively break apart the substance they have stolen the molecule from. This causes a breakdown in the tissue and wrinkles develop. There are substances in plants called polyphenols which are effectively antioxidants and also have anti-inflammatory properties. These help to prevent oxidation and keep your skin healthy and protected. So if you want to protect your skin against wrinkles and to avoid toxic chemicals, turn to plants for great organic skin care.

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