Navitas Naturals has debuted yet another organic power snack to their award-winning line of organic Navitas Power Snacks! You will love the new Blueberry Hemp Navitas Power Snacks, which are filled with a variety of the most nutrient-dense organic superfoods and organic seeds, fruits and nuts. These perfectly-sized bite-sized cubes have a healthy whole food appearance, delicious flavor and rich chewy texture. Certified organic and gluten-free, Navitas Power Snacks do not contain refined sugar, dairy, preservatives, GMO’s or artificial colors and flavors.

Showcasing organic hemp powder and dried blueberries, Blueberry Hemp Power Snacks are made with chia, maca, lucuma, camu camu and maqui, as well as other wholesome raw foods such as date paste, sesame seeds, cashews and sunflower seeds. These delightful snacks are perfect for packing on long hikes or camping trips this summer, or tuck neatly into your desk drawer at work for an energizing and nutritious treat! Each 1-ounce serving is approximately 3 or 4 Navitas Power Snack nuggets.

Offered in an 8-ounce re-sealable and recyclable pouch for $8.99, Navitas Power Snacks and other Navitas products are available at thousands of stores throughout North America including Whole Foods Markets, Wegmans and HEB, and at many online stores such as and

*Company generously provided samples and images for this piece.*