It’s time to get saucy in the kitchen with Saffron Road™! They have just debuted four new simmer sauces to create authentic world cuisine right in the comfort of your own kitchen. All-Natural, Halal Certified, and Gluten Free – the Simmer Sauces are and delicious and delightfully simple to use. “Mom” and her family make Chicken Tikka Masala quite frequently at home, and so she was excited to try the Tikka Masala. It was rich, spicy and authentic – and much, much quicker to make!

In addition to the Tikka Masala Simmer Sauce, Saffron Road™ offers the following new varieties:

Moroccan Tagine – Magic happens inside the domed earthenware pot called the Tagine. Deep inside it, food and spices are transformed by a long oh-so-slow simmering that creates amazing sauces that are filled with flavor. Turn any meal into a Moroccan delicacy with this simmer sauce.

Lemongrass Basil – These are the true Kings of Siam: Lemongrass and Thai Basil. Together these two herbs produce flavor-filled dishes that make Thai Cuisine truly extraordinary.

Rogan Josh – When you see the fiery red color of Rogan Josh, you know you will be experiencing amazing Indian flavor. The blend of exotic Kashmiri peppers and authentic spices creates a sauce that’s just a little spicy and transforms any meal into an experience to savor.

Tikka Masala – The genius of Indian cuisine begins in the tandoori oven, and its most famous creation is Tikka Masala. Saffron Road™’s rich, creamy recipe features authentic tandoori spices that transform ordinary ingredients into an extraordinary meal.

Available in a single-use pouch, each sauce is ideal for simmering the meats or vegetables of your choice. To locate a Whole Foods Market that carries the new simmer sauces, please visit

*Company generously provided samples and images for this piece.*

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  1. PeaceBang
    PeaceBang says:

    I purchased a packet of the Lemongrass Basil simmer sauce at Whole Foods and just used it. It’s delicious, but the calorie count is RIDICULOUSLY high!!! The package says that there are 7 servings per package. That’s ridiculous in itself, but each serving is 70 calories, which brings the calorie count for the whole thing to over 400. Just for the sauce in your dish for two or three.

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