When “Mom” first heard the words “oat-based beverage,” she envisioned a thick, not exactly appealing drink! However, one sip of Sneaky Pete’s, the first soluble oat beverage of its kind, was absolutely amazing! What a refreshing surprise!

Sneaky Pete’s is a nutritious low-calorie way to help you meet the daily requirement for fiber. Sneaky Pete’s boasts a mere 40 calories per bottle and is low in sodium and sugar. Plus, it is the only oat based beverage to provide the same amount of soluble fiber (3g) as an entire bowl of oatmeal. For those who do not enjoy the consistency of oatmeal but want to consume their daily intake of fiber, this is a wonderful option!

Sneaky Pete’s is available in 5 delicious flavors, including Apples Away, Mango Mystique, Peach Perfection, Grape Escape & Raspberry Beret. “Mom” and her family tried the Mango Mystique, Peach Perfection and Raspberry Beret flavors, and fell in love with all three! They all tasted refreshing and light – not what you would first expect when you hear the words “oat-based beverage!” That Pete – he sure is sneaky!

Not only is Sneaky Pete’s good for your health, but it is good for the environment, as well!

Sneaky Pete’s uses the PET bottle, which not only feels like glass but is also recyclable. They are created by a company, Amcor, with an excellent carbon footprint, which proves their commitment to the environment. In addition, the bottling facility is an USDA Organic certified plant that operates as a “Green Facility,” meaning it practices modern art energy conservation, which will boast the lowest carbon footprint of any hot fill facility in the United States.

To learn more about Sneaky Pete’s or to locate a retailer near you, please visit sneakypetesbeverage.com.

*Company generously provided samples and images for this piece.*