Are you ready to taste the most amazing peanut you have ever consumed? You may ask how “Mom” could be so excited about a peanut, but then again, these are not your average oily, greasy cocktail peanuts typically found in bars and cocktail lounges! Virginia Cocktail Peanuts have an extremely unusual crispy and crunchy texture, and therefore are challenging common notions about America’s favorite nut. This is because these nuts are respected and carefully hand-prepared. They soak in water for a full hour before briefly dropped in light oil (which helps the bite-sized bliss resist absorption of oil), unlike typical machine processing. Their consistency differs from all other brands.

Mom’s” entire family devoured the Milk Chocolate Peanuts within an hour of opening the tin – the website wasn’t joking when it stated, “Chocolate lovers beware!” These are hands-down some of the best chocolate covered peanuts “Mom” has ever tasted! Craving something spicy and salty? Then the Jalapeno or Cajun flavors are for you!

Virginia Cocktail Peanuts are available in Sea Salt, Jalapeño, Toffee, Unsalted, Cajun and Milk Chocolate flavors, and each one certainly has its own distinctive taste. Try a 10 oz gift bundle to enjoy three flavors of your choosing or to give as a gift – you or the gift recipient are definitely in for a treat!

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*Company generously provided samples and images for this piece.*