An engaging read-aloud story the whole family will enjoy, Play Baby Play!, the third companion board book to Baby Baby Baby! and Go Baby Go!, has the adorable fidgety baby playing in a fun-filled day with friends and family. With darling, colorful art by author and illustrator Marilyn Janovitz, this new children’s book making its’ debut in April 2012 delights little ones with an energetic tone!

Rolling on the rug

Frolicking on the floor

These little babies want


Play Baby Play! encourages participation between baby and reader through such actions as dressing for the day, kicking a ball, and even riding a rocket to the moon, all before naptime.

Day is done

Little one

Naptime is near

Baby Baby Baby

Dreamtime is here.

The book’s delightful rhyme paired with Marilyn Janovitz’s bold and brightly colored illustrations are sure to appeal to avid little readers and their families. If you haven’t read the first two books in the series with your little ones, you may be tempted to pick up the entire set! Visit her website at

*Company generously provided a review copy and cover image for this piece.*