Ever wish you could wave a magic wand that would instantly relieve cracked and chapped lips, help soothe little boo boos and scrapes, nourish and protect the skin on your face during the winter – all at once? Well, now you can, with the Sweet Bee Magic Wand from Medicine Mama’s Apothecary! This organic, all-purpose healing stick is “Mom’s” newest go-to remedy for so many ailments! Made with 4 ingredients, including a propolis & honey blend, protective beeswax, extra virgin avocado oil, and extra virgin olive oil, a little goes a long way when using the healing wand! It is the perfect size to tuck in a pocket, purse or diaper bag for on-the-go, too!

The Sweet Bee Magic Wand can be used to provide relief and soothing care for the following:

Chapped Lips

Shaving Burn

Dry skin on the face

Cold Sores

Cuts, Scrapes & Bites


Rash, Burn & Scar Repair

This is one powerful and practical balm, and “Mom” loves that it works quickly to heal and soothe. After an hour of using it on her daughter’s chapped lips and skin around the mouth, the skin was moisturized and the cracking she was starting to see earlier had vanished. What a little miracle balm!

To learn more about Medicine Mama’s Apothecary, their various products, or to order the Sweet Bee Magic Wand online, please visit MedicineMamasApothecary.com.

*Company generously provided samples and images for this piece.*