The Green Way to Purify the Air in Your Home

Going green has become a popular and responsible way to live these days. Being environmentally friendly and living in an ecologically sound manner means more that just recycling and car pooling, however. While businesses use green packaging and tout their green manufacturing facilities, homeowners sometimes don’t know how to go green in any deeper way.

One of the easiest and most gratifying ways to live in an environmentally conscious manner is to make sure the air quality in your home is as good as it can get. Of course, how good your indoor air can possibly be depends a lot on where you live, but there are some things that anyone can do purify the air in their home the green way.

Use green cleaners and toiletries

These used to be available only in the expensive health food stores – you know, the little aisle where you buy a quart of all-purpose cleaner for a ridiculous sum. Nowadays biodegradable, environmentally healthy cleaning products are as close as your nearest favorite grocery or hardware store, and they come in a wide variety of types, scents and sizes for nearly every purpose.

The same goes for bath and beauty items such as soap and shampoo, cosmetics and bathroom paper products. And many of these products are quite cost-effective, because they are competing with brands that have been around for a long time. The more of these products you use in the home, the cleaner your air will be.

Use green pest control products

Pesticides in the home are an unfortunate necessity in many areas of the country. If you do your own spraying and treatment, a little research and shopping around will help you find some products that are safe for your air, children, pets, and plants. If you use a professional service, inquire about their environmentally friendly options. You may be surprised at what is available. For the air quality in your home. it’s worth it to do a little extra research in this area.

Use low-VOC paints and finishes

There are now paints available for indoor use that have low levels of volatile organic compounds. These are the chemicals that make that fresh-paint smell, but aren’t good for your indoor air quality. Anytime you remodel or renovate, think about how to do it the green way to maintain healthy air.

Keep your indoor air clean

Smoking indoors is a big no-no if you want to have clean air to breathe. But there are many other ways to ensure that your lungs are getting the good stuff. Don’t allow a car to run inside your garage – pull it out to let it warm up, or open the garage door at the very least. Having a carbon-monoxide detector in the house is a must in any case, and will help you to feel secure about at least one aspect of your air quality. House plants are beautiful ways to help purify the air you breathe, because they are natural air cleaners – and they are definitely green!

Speaking of air purifiers that plug in, there are now several on the market that are energy efficient and greenly effective, so get rid of your old one and replace it with an up to date model. If you have a duct system in your home, get it cleaned and keep it maintained, and install air filters on your duct registers. All of these improvements can be done in an environmentally friendly way, and your lungs will thank you for it.

About the Author

Mike Sorensen is a master cabinet maker, structural engineer and the author of audio blog. He provides tips for soundproofing a room using environmentally sound production methods.