Yoga For Busy Moms

Since yoga has migrated to the West from the East over fifty years ago, the research has shown that it can improve ones health drastically. Now that the trend has caught on, you can see studios opening up everywhere like a Starbucks. But for busy moms, it can be quite challenging trying to balance home life and personal time. So is there a way for busy moms to still gain benefits from the power of yoga?

Making It To A Yoga Class Can Be Tough

While in an ideal world you would be able to make your way to a yoga class, the truth is that you just may not be able to find that time. Depending on where you live the travel time can drastically reduce your ability to make it there. For those living in major cities, one yoga class can take up to three hours of their day when you consider all the time spent. So are there any alternatives to having to physically go to a yoga class?

Online Yoga Videos

With our Internet technology constantly improving, more companies are now offering their yoga classes online. This is a great way to be able to take a guided class without having to deal with all the traffic of getting to the physical studio. Many of the world-renowned teachers are now using the Internet as a way to connect with students and because it has become less expensive to film these classes, they now offer high quality programs online. If you just do a search for “online yoga classes” you can find a plethora available there.

15 Minutes A Day

Because yoga is generally a one-hour class (or longer) mentally speaking it can get you to think that you just can’t squeeze it in to the day. Most busy parents will have the intention of doing it and then all of a sudden the day goes by and you will think to yourself “I just can’t fit an hour of it into my schedule”. But the truth is that even 15-minutes of yoga can literally change your life.

Stress is the accumulation of improper short breathing and when you take 15-minutes to just stop and do a few asanas with proper breathing, it can break the pattern of your stress building up and is enough to at least reduce the amount you take on. While of course it would be ideal to take a full class, something is better then nothing.

Yoga Is More Then Just Asana Practice

Here in the West people associate yoga with just the actual physical practice and poses. They see someone in a “pretzel” and think, “this is yoga.” But the truth is that it is a philosophy and lifestyle. It’s about proper breathing, nutrition, and thinking which translates into a better state of health and well-being. You can still practice it without doing any of the physical asana practice just by eating properly, thinking positive, and focusing on your breathing.

The Truth About Stress

Busy moms run around with so many items on their to-do list while taking care of their child and subsequently forget to breathe! We take it for granted that we breathe automatically but when you do not breathe correctly, this is what causes stress. As noted above, short breathing is one of the major reasons we take on stress because it does not allow the oxygen to fill our lungs. If you feel stress coming on you can do a yoga technique called “fire breath” which is where you breathe deep into your diaphragm and exhale rapidly. This will help to bring oxygen back into your body and into your blood stream so that it can work its magic.

Unfortunately there is no magic bullet for busy moms who want to practice yoga. Just remember that being conscious of your breath and doing a few poses and stretches for a mere 15 minutes a day can make all the difference in the world.

About The Author

Sergio Diazgranados is the founder of Yoga Training Guide that supports students interested in taking a yoga teacher training course. The site offers aspiring teachers all the tools they need to delve deeper into their practice and become successful instructors.

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