10 Stylish Indoor Plants and Flowers that Can Add a “Green Vibe” in Your Home

If you want to freshen up your living space and create a more “green” home environment, consider adding some stylish indoor plants and flowers to the area. Certain plants and flowers are perfect for windowsills, tabletops, and even work well as centerpieces. These plants and flowers can add a burst of color to an otherwise drab area, and also make the air cleaner!

Here are ten stylish indoor plants and flowers that will add a green vibe to your living space:

1. Potted Mixed Greens. An indoor basket filled with mixed greens and bold-colored flowers is perfect for any small room or space that doesn’t have much décor. Pick up something that has an assortment of ferns, large-leaf plants and a few flowers.

2. Tropical Hibiscus potted plants. When you want to create a tropical-inspired setting, pick up a potted hibiscus for its beautiful flowering blooms. Tropical hibiscus flowers are usually a bright pink, yellow, and white in color and will instantly liven up the living space.

3. Peace Lily. A great indoor plant that works very well as a centerpiece is the Peace Lily. The white lilies aren’t overbearing and each plant has plenty of green leaves to create your “green” look you want. These are a good match for relaxation rooms and even bedrooms – anywhere where you want to create a soothing, relaxing environment.

4. Jasmine. The beautiful white flowers of the Jasmine plant are also a great match for centerpieces and will freshen up any dull room in a flash. These plants are also very easy to maintain and can be a good fit for living rooms, office spaces, and dining rooms. This is also a very lightly-scented plant so you can enjoy the jasmine fragrance wafting through your living space.

5. Brazilian Fireworks. This bold and bright bouquet of flowers and leaves will quickly become the main attraction in the living space. This is another indoor houseplant that is easy to take care of and may be a good fit for your dining room table, a mantel, or an empty side table. It’s definitely a standalone houseplant that commands attention!

6. Guppy Plant. The thick leaves and bright orange blooms of the Guppy plant make this an attractive addition to any living space. This plant is full of life and character. Since the stems tend to arch, it’s also a good fit for hanging baskets.

7. Shrimp Plant. This is actually more of a shrub and can be lined up with other indoor house plants and flowers. The plant does tend to produce several flowers throughout the year so it will always add some color to your living area. Consider purchasing a set of these plants to line up along a shelf or mantel.

8. Guzmania. If you’re looking for a showstopper, this is it. This exotic-looking plant has a deep red, orange, and yellow flower in the middle and produces very long, tendril-like leaves. It’s perfect for side tables and also as a centerpiece.
9. Scented Geranium. When you need a fragrant houseplant to keep the air clean and add a nice scent to the area, pick up a few scented geraniums and pot them in separate pots to leave around the home. You can actually choose from a range of scents including lime, ginger, and chocolate.

10. Tea Rose Begonias. Begonias are among the more traditional types of houseplants out there but the Tea Rose variety can add a pop of color to the living space and also produce a fresh scent. The flowers in this plant tend to cascade over the pot so make sure to place them up on a higher shelf or bookcase.

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