This recipe, like many of Wendy Perry’s, doesn’t require exact measurements. Ingredients can vary depending on what is the freshest, preferably locally seasonal from an area farmers’ market, and is simply a menagerie of your preferences. These are great hot off the grill, safe on a buffet at room temp, or even right out of the fridge.

Mix and match any or all of the following. The key is to make sure they areall about the same size pieces for even cooking.

Garden Candy


Bell peppers, assorted colors
Onions (red, sweet, green/scallion)
Brussels Sprouts
Summer squash (yellow/zucchini)
Few cloves garlic
Oil (choose your favorite – Wendy prefers grapeseed or garlic oil)
Fresh or dried herbs of choice (these can vary to complement what you are serving the vegetables with – Italian, Mexican, etc.)


Wash and drain vegetables. Cut into similar size pieces. Place all in large bowl and drizzle with oil, herbs and seasonings; toss to coat evenly. Put the veggies into a non-stick grill basket. Cook over medium-high direct heat on gas or charcoal grill, stirring to allow a bit of char but to prevent burning. When done, pour into pretty serving bowl for guests to nibble on or as a side dish for grilled meat, poultry or fish!

*Recipe and image courtesy of Wendy L. Perry, Culinary Adventurist & Home Economist. Visit*