Going Vegetarian as a Family

Feeding a family costs more today than it ever has before. Most families spend a large portion of their income on groceries and dining out. If your family eats a specialized diet, such as kosher, vegetarian or low-carb, you may find that the cost is even higher. No matter what your family’s dietary restrictions are, you can use grocery coupons and take advantage of sales to get the best deal for your money. However, if your family is attempting to follow a vegetarian lifestyle, consider these tips to save a bit in other ways, too!

In-Season Produce

As a vegetarian family, you probably eat tons of fruits and vegetables. The price on these can vary quite a bit from one part of the year to another. If you want to get the best deal on produce, you should buy in-season. One great example is strawberries. If you go to buy them in spring, they are bright red, sweet and very affordable; however, trying to buy strawberries in October will result in expensive berries that aren’t nearly as tasty. If you are knowledgeable about canning and freezing, you can take advantage of in-season produce and save for the entire year.

Rice and Beans

Rice and beans are a staple in many vegetarian diets. These affordable fillers can be prepared in many ways. Learn as much as you can about how to prepare rice and beans, and you’ll save a lot of money without sacrificing delicious meals. Eating the same thing every day can be boring, but by learning some new recipes, you’ll bring excitement back to these basic staples.

Buying Locally

While it is often easier to pick up all your groceries at the supermarket, you can save money by finding ways to buy locally. Check out farmers markets and local growers to find deals on produce that was grown nearby. As an added bonus, this produce is often fresher and tastier than what is shipped in from out of state.

Fish and Meat Substitutes

Whether you’re a fish-eating vegetarian (s0metimes called a pescatarian) or you stick to meat substitutes, these foods are a great way to add variety to the vegetarian diet. The catch? Seafood and meat substitutes are often pretty expensive. Find ways where you can add smaller portions to a dish and still get the same flavor, without as much cost as eating them in bulk. Stores may also put these products on sale from time to time, take advantage of these sales and stock up. You can also contact manufacturers directly, tell them you love the product and request coupons. They’ll gladly send you coupons to buy their products, so you’ll buy theirs and not their competitor’s product!

Dining Out

Dining out as a vegetarian can be tricky. Look on Yelp or other sites to find recommendations and possible coupons. Another great way to dine out as a vegetarian is by visiting ethnic restaurants. Many of these have delicious vegetarian options, and they are often more affordable than restaurants specifically targeted to the vegetarian population.