No More Couch Potatoes – Keeping Your Kids Fit and Healthy This Summer

The summer holiday is a great opportunity to get your kids fit and healthy by letting them play outside to experience a bit of fresh air instead of being cooped up inside fixed to a games console or the internet. Yet sometimes they need a bit of pushing to get them across that threshold separating indoors from out. Here are a few tips for ensuring your kids get the most out of the good weather, ways to make sure they don’t turn into unmotivated, unfit couch potatoes.

Day Trips

While it can sometimes be difficult to get time off work, when you do have a free day to spare, think about taking your kids out on day trips rather than leaving them to their own devices. Summer is packed with outdoor events such as festivals, fairs and fêtes, and there is bound to be one close by that you can visit. With a host of activities and diversions usually on display, it’s an easy way to keep your child interested and active. Yet you don’t need to seek out a special event, a simple trip to the beach, the woods or other natural attractions will usually suffice. For the more culturally minded, why not think about a visit to a theatre or museum; in the summer these destinations often hold special sessions, open days and interactive exhibits that engage, delight and inform, meaning your child develops their mind as well as getting them out of the house.

Sports Clubs & Activity Groups

While most school associated sporting ventures close down over the summer months, plenty of independent sports teams and groups take up the slack at this time. Whether your child wants to play in a cricket league, hone their football skills under the tutelage of expert coaches or learn how to synchronise swim there are plenty of opportunities out there for both boys and girls. The more active can even seek out rock climbing, wind-surfing, mountain biking or kayaking groups, getting to grips with more intense and more adventurous activities that do not necessarily have a competitive element. This way boisterous children can stay healthy and learn a new skill without the pressure of wanting to be the best.


Okay, this isn’t exactly the most fun option, and kids, just like adults, hate doing chores. However, asking your child to perform basic household tasks at least keeps them busy. As an added bonus, when the prospect of chores is raised, it seems to have the uncanny knack of getting your child out of the house! The youngster who was slouched in front of the television or glued to a computer screen magically turns into an incredibly active, outdoor loving kid the very moment that you demand they clean their room. In fact they’ll do just about anything to get out of the house and away from performing chores. Funny one, that.

Summer Camps

Many adults who went to summer camps as a child cherish these trips as some of the fondest memories of their life. Whether staying in a camp just a few miles away or heading off overseas to more intrepid shores, summer camps can be one of the most rewarding experience’s a child can ever have. Think about an adventure camp for those kids with seemingly limitless energy, entrepreneur camps for the business savvy and sports camps for budding Wayne Rooneys and David Beckhams. Places such as Tignes, high in the French Alps offer this kind of youth camp, and much more besides, perfectly tailored for your child, letting them stay fit and active in a safe and pleasant environment.

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