Mom” is expecting, and one of the most important items she wanted to have on hand prior to this little one’s arrival is a new nursing pillow. She had tried various nursing pillows with her first daughter, and was amazed at how many more choices there are now compared to just three short years ago! She was introduced to the mombo™ by Comfort & Harmony, which is exclusive to Babies R Us, and wow – this is the nursing pillow that beats them all! She cannot wait to start using it in just a few short weeks!

What does “Mom” love about the mombo™? Everything! That is not an exaggeration – this innovative nursing pillow features a two-sided design called Firm2Soft™ which offers a firm, supported area for baby to lay while breastfeeding, which props the baby up close to the breast area, which is more comfortable for both baby and mommy. The soft side of the Deluxe mombo™ is made of a plush fabric surface called Boa, which is the ultimate in snuggly soft fabric, and gives your little one with a cozy place to lounge or be propped for some tummy time action! But what “Mom” finds to be the best feature of all is the soothing vibration unit that can be placed inside the mombo™ to provide your precious cherub with the ultimate relaxing experience! For fussy babies, this is a must-have! (Why hasn’t anyone thought of this brilliant idea before for a nursing pillow or infant positioner?!)

Whether you choose the Standard mombo™, the Deluxe mombo™ or Nude mombo™, you can select from a variety of removable and machine washable slipcovers to cover the mombo™ fashionably. An extra slipcover or two is a must-have for any nursing mama, as baby spit-ups and messes are inevitable!

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*Company generously provided samples and images for this piece.*