Good Earth’s Sweet & Spicy Iced Tea is a uniquely-flavored tea that tastes sweet without the need to add sugar or artificial sweeteners and with no artificial sweeteners in the blend. With its flavorful blend of cinnamon, orange, anise seed, ginger root and other spices, it tastes great iced and will provide a refreshing, sweet alternative for health-conscious barbeque guests. “Mom” placed cinnamon sticks and orange slices in the pitcher for serving, as well!

Sweet & Spicy Iced Tea


4-6 Good Earth Sweet & Spicy Tea Bags


Boil two cups of water, pour over 4-6 Good Earth Sweet & Spicy tea bags (either regular or caffeine free), and steep for 5-10 minutes.

Stir, remove tea bags, add two cups of cold water, and serve over ice. Enjoy!

*Recipe and image courtesy of Good Earth.*