Can We Ever Really Be Green When It Comes To Transportation?

As the green movement continues to gain momentum, we are seeing the auto-industry make major advancements in technology. From hybrid cars that run on both gas and electricity to cars that run on electricity alone, today’s vehicles are more environmentally-friendly than ever.

In light of these advancements, many people wonder if transportation will ever truly be green. Unfortunately, the answer to that question is “no.” Short of walking or riding a bicycle everywhere you go, there is simply no way for transportation to be 100 percent green. You are consuming energy no matter how you choose to get from one place to another. What you can do is reduce your carbon footprint by making smart choices. Here are the greenest transportation options available in America today:

1. Carpooling

Instead of four people taking four separate vehicles to one location, four people utilize one vehicle for the same purpose. Carpooling reduces the number of cars on the road, thereby reducing the amount of pollutants released into the atmosphere. Carpooling is a great option for employees who live close to each other and for parents who take their children to school.

2. Scooters

If you travel to virtually any European city, you will see hundreds of scooters being driven down the road and parked outside of shops. Scooters haven’t caught on in America in the same way, but they are a great option for people who have short commutes. Scooters use very little energy when compared to cars and emit few pollutants. You can find scooters that are fueled by gas and others that run on electricity. You can even find solar powered scooters if you look hard enough!

3. Bicycles

A bicycle may not be the best option if you have to wear a suit or heels to work, but for students and those running quick errands, bicycles are a great choice. There are a great number of accessories available for bicycles that make them useful for small shopping trips and light hauling. You can even find a variety of kids’ seats and trailers if you need to take the little ones along.

4. Public Transportation

Public transportation can be difficult to find if you live in a rural area. For those that live in an urban setting, public transportation is a fantastic option. Though public transportation in itself isn’t green, it is considered environmentally-friendly due to the number of vehicles it removes from the road. Much like carpooling, public transportation allows for a number of people to ride in one vehicle rather than each person taking their own car.

5. Green Cars

If you must drive a vehicle, hybrids and electric-powered cars are as green as you’ll get. Neither choice is the perfect solution, but both types of vehicles are better than more traditional, gas-guzzling options. If there is a drawback to these types of vehicles, it is that they are out of the price range of the average driver. Most green vehicles are currently priced between $20,000 and $35,000.

As long as we have vehicles that consume fossil fuels, we will never truly achieve green transportation. What we do have is the ability to make wise decisions. By choosing to walk, cycle, scoot, or bus our way to work, we can reduce our carbon footprint each time we travel from one place to another. For now, that’s the best that we can do.

About the Author

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