Feel guilty for using plastic grocery bags hung on a kitchen doorknob to collect recyclables, and then having to toss it out when it becomes dirty or wet from the contents? Flings® Pop-Up Trash and Recycle Bins now offers an awesome Home Recycle version that is small enough to be kept underneath the kitchen sink, or tucked out of the way in the corner of the kitchen. This award-winning, brilliant household recycling bin is just plain smart – “Mom” loves that the bin can be popped open in an instant, ready to be utilized at the next gathering. Plus, the bins are available in a wide range of patterns to fit the theme of your party or suit your personal style.

Flings® Home Recycle Bins are extremely convenient, portable containers that snap open accordion-style to form a stable, decorative bin for trash or recycling. Flings Bins were designed to make it easier to keep recycling and trash separate in a wide variety of locations and to promote the recycling of items such as bottles and cans. You will no longer be propping up a trash bag in the corner to collect cans and glass bottles at your summer BBQ! Plus, each Flings® Home Recycle Bin can be reused – simply empty the contents into your main recycle bin and the smaller Home Recycle Bin is ready for use again.

Each Flings® reuse saves 60 cans or bottles from the landfill, and minimizes environmental impact. The new Flings® Home Recycle Bin is a smaller 6.5 gallon size when open — as compared to 13 gallons for original Flings Bins. The new Home Recycle Bins can fit under the counter or discretely in a corner, will hold up to 30 cans or bottles, and can be used multiple times before having to be thrown out.

The Home Recycle Bins product line will be available at a growing number of stores nationally as well as online at www.flingsbins.com with a three-pack carton retailing for approximately $5.99.

For more information about the Flings® Home Recycle Bin, please visit FlingsBins.com.

*Company generously provided samples and images for this piece.*