Top 5 Reasons to Ditch Your Car and Take the Bus

Let’s be real. If there was a choice between driving our car and taking the bus, there aren’t too many of us that would choose the latter. That’s because, most times, when we think of riding public transportation, a lot of cons come to mind: We have to wait for the bus. It (usually) does not give us door-to-door service. We have to share the experience with other strangers. The list goes on.

But you know what? There is another side to this coin if you’re just willing to look at things from a broader point of view. Do yourself a favor and take out about 3-5 minutes of your day to read these five reasons why it can actually be a good thing to ditch your car and take the bus (at least a couple of times in your lifetime!).

It saves you money. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like gas prices are going to be going down any time soon, so why not spend $5 on a bus pass that, based on where you live, can earn you a day or a couple of days’ worth of travel both to school and work and back again? When you compare that to basically the one gallon of gas that you can get for the same amount that might be all of the reason you’ll ever need to take a bus ride or two.

It gives your car a break. Sure, cars are convenient, but the upkeep of them can also be pretty expensive. The more you drive your car, the more miles that are put on it. This equates to more wear and tear and eventually, one way or another, maintenance work that has to be done. In opting to take the bus, you give your car a bit of the “rest” that it needs. That means less mileage on your vehicle and less calls that you have to make to your mechanic.

It’s a good way to get in some exercise. Yes, you usually have to walk several blocks either to get to the bus stop or to get to your final destination after getting off of one, but walking doesn’t hurt a person; it only helps. If you’re not someone who makes the time to do a bit a cardio 2-3 times per week, riding the bus is a good way to get some in without even really noticing it.

It helps you to multitask. Say that you have a big school exam or business presentation to prepare for. Unless the notes are in audio form, you can’t study and drive your car at the same time. Riding the bus is a super-effective way to brush up on your material as you let someone else do the driving. (Look at it as having your own personal chauffeur for the day!).

It’s a fun way to sightsee. When we’re driving in our cars, oftentimes we’re so busy rushing to where we need to go, talking to the person in the car with us or holding a conversation on our cell phones that we don’t even get to take in the sights that are all around us. Whether it’s a New York bus rental, a Louisville, Kentucky bus rental or wherever it is that you currently reside, look at riding the bus as a way of treating yourself. Pack a couple of your favorite snacks, get a latte, hop on the bus and exhale while looking out of the window. It’s a relatively expensive way to sit back and take “it” all in.